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Dreamer Management Embarked on the Mecca Howard University’s Homecoming 2013

Dreamer Management Embarked on the Mecca Howard University’s Homecoming 2013

Washington D.C. - - October 29, 2013 - - Dreamer Management organized a promotions-driven weekend for its artists during the infamous Howard University homecoming weekend. The “Dream Team” hit the streets for two consecutive days equipped with promotional materials, company paraphernalia, and a go-getter mind set. Known to be the mecca of historical black colleges and the most epic homecoming celebration each year, Howard’s homecoming inundated the city with students, alumni, celebrities, and fun-seekers.

Dreamer Management and its artists, Other Guyz and RedFate, contributed to the hype. Friday afternoon the team attended the International Yardfest where they maneuvered through massive crowds seizing every opportunity to shamelessly promote their brands. The crowd of thousands witnessed live performances by national recording artists Big Sean and 2 Chainz. The night was later shared with party goers at one of the numerous available party options. Afterwards, the Other Guyz and RedFate drew a crowd as they delivered an impromptu freestyle cypher over the beats of a local street drummer. Saturday, the team joined the Bison family on campus for the football game, tail-gate, and fellowship “on the yard”. The team strolled down Georgia Avenue posing for photos, initiating freestyles for Dreamer TV, and exchanging contact information with inquisitive minds. The “Dream Team” definitely left their mark on D.C. this weekend!

Other Guyz is a group of four multi-talented producers, songwriters, and rappers. As cousins, the Other Guyz started collaborating at an early age. Each guy offers a signature musical style; however when their styles collide magic is created.

RedFate is an artist, producer, dancer, and songwriter. Her signature sound is comprised of heavy hitting 808 eclectic sounds and melodic arrangements. RedFate captivates fans with her energetic performances, rhythmic deliver, and infectious rhymes.

For information about Dreamer Management, RedFate, and the Other Guyz visit www.DreamerManagement.com.

About Dreamer Management:

Dreamer Management (formally Four Real Talent) is a talent management company that focuses on the industries of music, fashion, and entertainment. At DREAMER our mission is simple; to offer the best professional services in the areas of music, fashion, and entertainment by being good STEWARDS of barrier breaking talent. In a society that is inundated with talent, there are a few RARE jewels that will glimmer, shine, and rise above all others. We offer those RARE jewels!

Media Contact: Auntea Marie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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