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Executive Team Summary

Dreamer's team is comprised of experienced professionals who offer a great deal of knowledge from various sectors of industry. They are well qualified and have serveral years of experience.

Executive Team

Bradford "Jazzy" Smith, B.S. - President & Chief Executive Officer (Los Angeles, CA)

Bradford Smith 225x374 Bradford "Jazzy" Smith, B.S. President & Chief Executive Officer - Manager (Hollywood, CA)

Also known as Jazzy, Bradford started his career in business and in information technology. At an early age he's always had a passion for creating and working with talent. His zeal to help individuals be their best is the driving force that enables him to work so hard. Mr Smith is being mentored and coached by some of the industries most aggressive and talented thought leaders. Jazzy has merged his experience in technology with the experience he has gained in the entertainment world.

Jazzy joined and co-founded Four Real Talent in 2006. Jazzy is responsible for helping clients build value by assisting in the development of thier talents and intellectual properties. His key function as the Chief Executive Manager involves artist management, entertainment management, brand management, events management, and personal management. Bradford also serves as the spokesperson for Dreamer's Community Outreach Projects. He is constantly involved in all aspects of the company's business. He is very hands on with the management of nearly all of the talent on the company's roster. He is actively involved in giving back to his community. Jazzy donates his time to community organizations who promote and create awareness of the Arts and Entertainment. As an advocate for the artist "Jazzy" is as an Associate Member for the The Recording Academy Los Angeles, CA Chapter. He is also a member of (ASCAP) American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers, (LAMN) Los Angeles Music Network, and the (NHSE) National Honor Society of the Entertainment Arts.

Jazzy's most recent venture is a startup that produces New Media Content, Transmedia Propertys, and that also provides support in the logistics of establishing Digital Delivery Systems for IPs that utilize Cloud Technology.

Jazzy has over 20 years of business and information technology experience and over 10 years working on entertainment related projects. He has also served as an independent consultant for many businesses and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment Business from the Los Angeles Film School.

Jazzy enjoys philanthropic work, meditation, music, cooking, traveling, shopping, home improvement projects and spending time with friends and family.

Jelani Jones, Vice President & Chief Talent Manager (Chicago, IL)

Mr. Jelani Jones - Vice President & Chief Talent Manager (Mid-West)

Jelani "Jay' Jones, a Chicago, IL resident has gravitated towards musical engineering, on various levels for quite some time. Remembering back to when he was only 10 years old, Jelani is able to reminisce on a time when he was uncontrollably fixated on the television screen, watching Donnie Simpson's 'Video Soul', his earliest musical inspiration. At a young age, Jelani was so fascinated with the creative designs of musical performances, that he ambitiously pioneered his own music group, 'The Midnight Crew', at the age of 15. The group would be comprised of himself, two of his cousins, and a close friend. Jelani would assume the role of organizing and delegating the group's functions, as well as booking performances. Local daycare centers and talent shows would become their primary audience, as the group tried their hardest to reach the life of heavy exposure and fame. Though Jelani had a very strong craving for musical entertainment, he had not yet gained the mandatory managerial experience necessary to manage the group, and therefore he was impelled to suspend The Midnight Crew. Jelani, after gaining an abundance of leadership qualities from the music group, would turn his focus back to school, and place music on a back burner for the time being.

In 2001, Jelani's musical passion would be reignited after being introduced to a young girl named Jennifer Hudson. After watching Jennifer perform in a play, Jelani was instantly captivated by the sweet sound that emitted from Jennifer's lungs. From that point on, Jelani would attend each performance that Jennifer participated in, in turn becoming a dear friend, and confidant to up and coming singer. Jelani's friendship with Jennifer traveled on a voyage all the way to the steps of Season 3 of American Idol, in 2004. Jennifer experienced an early elimination from the televised talent show, and Jelani strategically stepped in to ensure that Jennifer would be able to capitalize as much as possible from her recent exposure. Reaching back to his management days, Jelani began to pair up with local music producers and book performances for Jennifer, in order to keep her name fresh in the public eye. Jelani astounded even himself, as he noticed his strong ability to be able to adjust to the musical entertainment/management lifestyle, and vowed to make a career from it.

In 2006, Jelani would go on to help jump start a management company based in Washington DC. Afterwards, he would set his sights on a local music group, after the group appealed to him for managerial help. The group, Royal Famlee, offered an unforeseen challenge to Jelani---Hip-Hop. With the industry being flooded with "up and coming" hip hop artists, Jelani understood that it would not be easy trying to get adequate exposure for the group. Instead of declining the group's management proposition, Jelani decided to utilize the help of someone with more in depth managerial/publicity experience, thus he reached out to Regina Daniels. Regina collaborated with Jelani, while serving as both a mentor and a friend. Knowledge of the entertainment industry began to pour in, and Jelani absorbed all that he could. Jelani, with a very small and limited budget to work with, quickly, and single handedly elevated The Royal Famlee from a music group starving for publicity, to a group that begin to generate a huge amount of buzz in the local market. The hip-hop group would be booked for shows in the Chicagoland area, as well as garner radio airplay for their single, "Build Me a Broad". Jelani's hard work, and dedication began to pay off. He is also an associate member of The Recording Academy and Grammy 365 Chicago Chapter.

Auntea Marie, B.A. - VP of Marketing and Communications (Washington, DC)

Auntea Marie, B.A.- VP of Marketing and Communications

Auntèa Marie is an experienced Public Relations and Marketing Consultant. She is a Howard University Alumni with a degree in Communications. After graduating, she co-founded Media International Public Relations and Marketing Company with her Mother.  Born with an undeniable passion for music, Auntèa began to carve her path on the business side of the entertainment industry. She uses her Public Relations and Marketing expertise to assist others succeed in their artistry.

Auntèa gained profound experience at Marriott International as the Public Relations Coordinator for the DC and Boston markets. Managing Public Relations in the hospitality industry has offered her multiple avenues of exposure, as well as positioned her with opportunities to be apart of Public Relations and Marketing initiatives for various projects including Inauguration 2008. Working in such a diverse industry, Auntèa gained experience in entertainment, restaurant openings, hotel renovations, hotel openings, corporate affairs, events, promotions and packages. Auntèa’s press releases have been published in various domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

In 2009, Auntèa used her Public Relations and Marketing expertise to assist RAD Records with artist management and business strategy. Auntèa worked with RAD for three years; supporting three independent artists, successfully releasing and promoting albums, organizing numerous events, and managing social media sites.

Recently, Auntèa partnered with Dreamer Management. In addition to Public Relations and Marketing, she brings over three years of project management skills to the table. She is a proficient writer who stays ahead of the trends in public relations and marketing. She is an innovative, business savvy, results-driven professional who pays close attention to details. Auntèa is dedicated to helping others embark on the entertainment world and is dedicated to success!


William "MC Scotty" Scott, M.B.A - VP of Artist Management (Atlanta, Ga)

William "MC Scotty" Scott, M.B.A - VP of Artist Management (Atlanta, Ga)

William David Scott was born in Talladega Alabama under the talent zodiac sign of Leo.  Given the name “David”, named after King David in the Bible from the book of Psalms, by his aunt  Katherine Inez Sawyer a noted gospel musician, she knew that he would be blessed in the artistry of music.  David, as called in his early age, began to sing in the choir at the tender age of 5 and was playing for the youth choir at the age of eleven.  Upon entering high school David received formal piano lessons at Talladega College under the direction of Dr. William Garcia, and Dr. Roselyn Briethway later to become the musician for the Patterson Gospel Singers.  Relocating to Atlanta GA in 1985 would began David’s embark on a thirty year career in the music industry that would take him to many corners of the world, allowing him to play for numerous groups, church choirs, concert choirs, college choirs, community choirs, military choirs, and soloist.  Coupling his love of gospel music with that of R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Hip-Hop “Scotty” as called in his later days would embark on Disc Jockey and MC around the country and enjoy the opportunity to share the stage with some of the best talent in the music industry.   Scotty would later be nominated for the NAACP Roy Wilkins Meritorious Service Award for community involvement and receive the President Service Award.

In 1995 Scotty headed to London England as the Navy Exchange Officer for the United States Navy.  Scotty also took a collateral assignment to assist the Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the American Embassy.  This allowed him to host many events dealing with the community elites, from government and state officials, celebrities, to music and film icons.  One encounter specifically jump started Scotty’s career in a different direction when introduced to Laura Easley (Super Duper Promotions) at MCA Universal Records in London by music producer Teddy Riley at London’s hot celebrity venue “The Hand Over Grand Nightclub” where Scotty was hosting an event.  The following years in London would be highlighted by attending and hosting events, such as; The MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards, The COFA (Celebration of Female Artist) Awards, MTV Europe Awards, Top Of the Pops Awards, Models and Super Models Showcase at Planet Hollywood, Bad Ass Ball at Café’ DeParis, New York Finest Dance Tour and appeared on BBC (British Broadcasting Network) The A Force.  Hosting events with artist from the United States and Great Britain to include:  Teddy Riley and Black Street, Jodeci, Missy Elliot, Mary J. Blige, Joe, Genuine, Total, The Brat, Foxy Brown, Destiny Child, Usher, Spice Girls, Mark Morrison, Damage, Shola Ama, Sting, Boosy Collins, Rudy Ray More, Antonio Fargas, George Michael, Pat Arnold, Sybil, Denise Williams, En Vogue, Erykah Badu, Beenie Man and Busta Rhymes.  Named Americas smoothest personality in London by Street Cred Magazine, Scott was given a nice farewell party in 1998 by owner Miranda and Editor Mark DeWayne at one of London’s hottest venues.  The next three years while living in Italy and France, MC Scotty aka DJ Bachelor would DJ/MC at many venues throughout Europe and France.

Returning back to the United States in 2000 MC Scotty continued to make moves.  Founder of Shades of Colour’ Entertainment and WDS Music MC Scotty continued to work with many artist and musicians.  Relocating back to Atlanta GA in 2005, after living in Washington DC, Virginia Beach, and South Carolina MC Scotty hosted events from New York City to Miami MC Scotty continued to share the stage with hot talent,  like; Fantasia, Khandi, Kee Kee Wyatt, Trina, Faith Evans, Lil Kim, Dondria, Chico DeBarge, Sammie, Jay Holiday, Jay Cole & Wale, Ne Ne Leaks, Lisa Hartwell, Monica, Meka Means, Tearra Marie, Melisa Morgan, Melba Moore, Miki Howard and Amarie.  MC Scotty recently received “Club MC of the Year 2010”, at the Blatino Awards, in Atlanta GA. MC Scotty resides in Atlanta where he continues to be active in the entertainment industry and is affiliated with several prestigious organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management (BSM) a  Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Operations Management and International Business.  He is also an associate member of The Recording Academy and Grammy 365 Atlanta Chapter. MC Scotty has teamed up with Dreamer Management and serves as VP of Talent Management (Atlanta, Ga)