Our Purpose

DREAMER'S purpose is to foster, develop, protect and manage talent in entertainment.

Our History

Four Real Talent is a small talent management company that was formed in late October 2006 with a focus on the industries of music, fashion, and entertainment. The concept of a first class management company began as a thought in the minds of the four founders years prior to the inception of the company. Founders of Four Real Talent noticed the need for a talent management company dedicated to serving the music, fashion, and entertainment industries with ethics and first class service. Company founders realized that the region of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC had a gross amount of talent, which was under served and was in need of a supporting management company. Four Real Talent could help them " realize their dreams and make them a reality". With integrity, honesty, and professionalism as the company's paradigm towards client servicing. Four Real Talent was born. The entertainment that Four Real Talent represents benefits from a variety of services including; financial planning, artist development, artist management, product development, and production. Overall, the formation of Four Real Talent can be attributed to the constant exposure and experiences of the founding members.

Our Mission

At DREAMER our mission is simple; to offer the best professional services in the areas of music, fashion, and entertainment by being good STEWARDS of barrier breaking talent. In a society that is inundated with talent, there are a few RARE jewels that will glimmer, shine, and rise above all others. We offer those RARE jewels!
DREAMER is committed to fostering individuals who possess great talents and we develop those talents. Our competitive edge comes from the ability to provide diversity in talent choice. Those choices will entertain people of all ages, races and social economic backgrounds.
The entertainment we represent will benefit from a variety of services including; financial planning, artist development, management, product development, and production. We have a life long commitment to our talent.