RedFate, the DC Trill Goddess, named “Best Artist” at Island Def Jam Live Music Showcase



RedFate, the DC Trill Goddess, named “Best Artist”

at Island Def Jam Live Music Showcase

Dreamer Management artist, RedFate, confirms her title as the DC Trill Goddess at every opportunity allotted to her. She can now add another stripe to her belt; she was named the “best artist” at the Island Def Jam Live Music Showcase hosted by King Ryan Entertainment. The popular music event was held Sunday, December 15 at the Tropicalia Lounge on the infamous U Street corridor. RedFate was one of ten entertainers selected to grace the stage and use the moment to impress Island Def Jam A&R representatives, as well as grab the attention of a club full of music lovers.

The audience, of mixed demographics, grooved to 15 minute sets from a variety of rock bands, a few soulful singers, a couple rap groups, and Redfate; who holds a category of her own. RedFate rushed the stage with nonstop magnetic energy. Her voice rode the bass at a perfect pitch causing a cloud of excitement amongst spectators. She engaged the crowd with her witty lyrics, trendsetting dance moves, and intense eye contact. She gave brief explanations in between tracks which offered the audience a glimpse of her perception. Redfate gave the audience a sneak peak of her new single “Go Bad” which received positive feedback as the crowd participated in the catchy hook, mouthing the lyrics as if they have heard the track before. Her set ended with a standing ovation and a meet and greet with a very impressed Def Jam representative.

RedFate was later called back for a bonus round which she owned! Before announced, it was clear who the “best artist” recognition would be extended to.RedFate now joins the “winner’s circle” on the Island Def Jam Live Music Showcase website where she will be highlighted for her talent.

Redfate is on the fast track to stardom. Her highly anticipated EP is scheduled for release February 2014. Since signing with Dreamer Management, the DC Trill Goddess has taken her presence in the music industry to another level.  She is constantly perfecting her craft, and her brand, with hopes of securing a major distribution and recording contract.

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Written by: Auntea Marie